Welcome to St Joseph’S Public School

St Joseph’S Public School  is Run & Managed  by Mishri Singh Vishwamohinee Memorial Educational Scientific & Health Trust. The establishment of the trust was in sweet memory of the beloved parents of the secretary of the said college Sri Anil Kumar Sinha. He drew inspiration from his father Late Mishri Singh (1899-1984). His father was a social reformer, an indefatigable freedom fighter, a true secularist, a pioneer in the field of education, a great humanist, an altruist and above all a true son of the soil of Dalsingsarai. He contributed lavishly by giving away lands and money to several institutions in town and its surroundings. He was so popular with the people of the district that he was elected MLA (From the congress) for two consecutive terms (1957-1967). Later on he refused the ticket offered by the congress party for the third time due to his declining health. He fought for the uplift of the poor and downtrodden. He believed in and advocated for education to all. His wife Late Vishwaqmohinee  Sinha, a pious lady, stood by him. She was a part and parcel of her husband’s mental thought and action.



 Mr.Anil Kumar Sinha

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